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Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Luperon is a friendly place that Dave and I have been enjoying greatly - But it is time to start moving on! Our next stop will be in Turks & Caicos. We will probably only be there a few days before heading to the Bahamas.

Today we are hanging out in a bar called Steve's - you can do laundry, buy meat, pineapples, play pool, take a (cold) shower, swim in the pool, eat and of course drink! it is like the Walmart of the states - one stop shopping for boaters!! Here are some of the pictures I promised yesterday!

Traffic gets tuff in town! This is the view from the resturant we had lunch at (we ordered chicken BUT got goat)

Big beer for $1.30
 Looks like I was lucky to get these 2 pictures up!! the internet is on island time here!
Weather is looking good for us leaving Thursday - we will sail another 24 hours and start our turn towards the North! we are getting closer to the states!! Ok well not yet. We are only about 45 miles from Hati! But closer then we have ever been to the states in the last 8 years!

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