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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Bahama Mama

We made it!! Not really sure what I mean by that but it has been a long time that Dave and I have planned this cruising trip and once we landed in the Bahamas we finally feel like we are cruising!
We took off from the DR march 31st around 08:00 and headed to French Cay in the Turks and Caiocs. This is a tiny little island with nothing but birds on it. This sounded like a perfect stop for us. We sailed all day and through the night and got there about 08:00. We had the whole Island to ourselves - we us and the birds. So we did what anyone would have done! Laundry!! We were in the clearest water we have ever seen so we made water and caught up on laundry (yes we did some nuddie swimming and sunbathing, how could you not!) After a good rest and dinner made from all local stuff we bought in the DR we got a good nights sleep and took off around 05:00. we landed in the Bahamas around 15:30 on April 2nd. we are still in Mayaguana. We could not check in until yesterday due to the weekend customs was closed. We are now waiting for a good weather window so we can start exploring the other islands. Internet seems to be a challenge so I will keep everyone posted as often as I can!
Here are some pictures for the DR!
They really know how to make you feel right at home!

Smokey Dog!

Friends on a boats that we have been sailing along with!

He he I don't really need to comment on this one!
 To say the lest we are having a wonderful time. It has been great to sail It has also been great spending some much time with each other. ( I hope Dave agrees!)


  1. Glad you are having fun (like there is a choice). I hope as we are cruising around Florida and the Bahamas our paths cross.

  2. You two retiree's look Great, this adventure is definitely agreeing with you;) Keep the post coming, I love reading about your adventures and seeing the Great Pic's. They never sound like the same old post;) Love & Miss you Both xoxox