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Thursday, April 28, 2011

A Lot of First!

We made it!! Cat's Eye for the first time is in the states! This is the first time Smokey our island mutt has ever been stateside too! First time I have seen water this brown. First time Cat's Eye has gone under a fixed bridge. First time Cat's Eye has gone through a bridge that opens! I can say that I stop traffic today!! I always knew I could!
Brightling Star going throught the bridge right before us.

We crossed  the Gulf Stream yesterday (April, 28th 2011) The ride was choppy in the beginning but evened out as the day went along. The crossing was only 70 nautical miles. At this point in the trip if we are doing less then 80nm in a day I think of it as a piece of cake! And we where lucky again yesterday. The only twist in the trip was the Gulf Stream. Just like crossing the Mona Passage there are a lot of stories about what will happen when your boat crosses over the water... I was expecting some big traffic sign or billboard that said "Hold on you are in the Gulf Stream!"Since I did not fine the sign I had to rely on Dave, and his "Yea! Cat's Eye is doing 11 knots!" (at one point we did 12 knots) We normally can do 8 knots on a really good day but more like 6 or 7. I mentally pictured my own "Welcome" sign - Cat's Eye was heading to AMERICA!
We travelled across from the Bahamas with another boat named Brightling star. After dropping the anchor in about 4' of muddy water (brought back some bad images!!) in St.Lucie, Florida we all headed into to shore for some good old American food!! I was thinking Maine Lobster was in order for me!!
A Little R & R. New friends on Brightling Star!
The Millers!! Kirsten & Jim! Cat's Eye has a great cockpit for a party!!

At this point in the trip we have come about 1400 nm. We have a long way to go to reach the goal of Maine. But everything changes from here. No more nude sailing, no more wondering what we will find when we go ashore, wondering what the locals will be like. We know what we will find - Target/Walmart/Old Navy/Olive Garden - traffic - lots of rules. Good thing? bad thing? Not really sure. Another thing that is a first, is sailing these waters for Dave and I too. We might not be looking to learn about local way of island life anymore but I am sure we can learn something from this half of the trip. I know there are still plenty of nice cruiser/boaters to meet. We will also be around family for a while and that is a nice thought. The land is not new or the people but it is always and adventure on Cat's Eye!!

Vero beach is the second stop. Dave and I are going to go explore - see if we can find a Burger King or Taco bell - amazing the things you miss when you do not live in America!

Know to tackle drive on the right side of the road!! oh boy!!

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