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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

New Smyrna Beach, Florida - that's where we are. Dave's parents live here. The boat has been put in a marina for a month to get some love! The boats get love, the parents get love, the dogs get a yard to run in and I get to take a shower till my fingers wrinkle!! Everyone is happy!! ( I am VERY happy to also spend the month with my in-laws! It is like a second set of parents! I am lucky!!)

I left the boat in Melbourne and swapped places with my father in-law. He sail the 2 days up the ICW with Dave and Charlie and I got some R & R back at the house with mom.
Cat's Eye took good care of the boys and they safely sailed up to New Smyrna Beach.

Dad at the helm of Cat's Eye!!

3 weeks has passed since we landed here.

We are now getting ready to start moving again! Palm Coast is the next stop. We are headed to the NY/NJ area to visit more family (mainly mine!!)
Staying on land has been nice but I miss my floating home! And as much as the dogs love to run in the yard - I know they do not love the fleas and ticks that are found on land.

So the sailing blog will be continue again!

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