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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Full Moon in Ponce Puerto Rico

We left Salinas Puerto Rico at around 08:15. The sail today was a short one so we did wake up at the crack of dawn to leave (or at least I did not - Dave is always up) It was like boating on a lake! 3knts of wind - soo not great sailing weather but at least it was calm enough to be VERY comfortable! Also made great conditions for reading ( I am burning through books!) The Jib did go up for a while but I think it was just so Dave could say we were sailing!
Ponce was uneventful. Dave cleared us "out" of the US at customs and that was it. I stayed on the boat never getting off. It you can believe it we did join in with the loud, very loud Puerto Rican festivities. Ponce has a boardwalk with lots of lil bars and it got loud and fast. Sounds like fun was had be all on shore and on Cat's Eye. It was nice to relax one night - knowing that again in early morning hours I would hear Dave say "Kirsten, it is 05:30, time to get up" ugghh those words want to make me throw a pillow over my head and say "five more minutes PLEASE!" But I knew once we left Ponce the next stop would Boqueron Puerto Rico - this place is like the spring break central of PR - I also knew we will spend a few days there waiting for the "right weather window" to cross the Mona Passage over to the DR. So it is worth getting up at 0'dog thirty!

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  1. Hi Kirsten,

    When you get up NY stop by Northport for a rest and some diner. Rich S/V Susie Q