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Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Jekyll Island is beautiful! The marina was nice and the restaurant had good food. We decided to make one more stop in Georgia before heading to South Carolina. We stopped at Kilkenny Marina.

 Now I have been in Florida (I was born in Florida!!) and I have lived in the Caribbean (very south!) BUT my only real exposure to the south has been meeting people from there. Some of my greatest friends are from the back woods of some southern state. I have not really spent any length of time in the south. I have to admit I did think that some of the redneck stuff was a little over exaggerated. Well I got a taste of a very strange lil marina. The nicest people (I really mean that!) I just had never really seen anything like it. Funny living in the Virgin Islands so long and travelling so far and seeing sooo many new places I am a little shocked that being in Georgia was a culture shock to me!!
Since the point of the trip is to sail and see new places and meet new people Dave and I deiced to do what any good red blooded American would do - We got out some whiskey - beer and Gator Jerky!!
We did have an early start the next morning so we did not get crazy with the Scotch. We headed up to South Carolina and stopped in Hilton Head.
Cat's Eye resting at Hilton Head Harbor!

 We took a short lil taxi ride to a fun marina bar called Skull Creek Boathouse

 - we had some yummy oysters and some sushi - a few drinks and we headed back to Cat's Eye.

We are now underway - on our way to Bohicket, South Carolina - We are still travelling to ICW. We have been seeing dolphins everyday - almost all day long. Smokey can spot them before anyone else can! The dogs have been wonderful on this whole trip.

We will hit Charleston, South Carolina tomorrow. I think we will take a few days to explore this city.

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